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Ekofisk was Norway's first producing field and is also one of the largest on the Norwegian continental shelf. The reservoir is Cretacious (chalk) with a 300 meter high oil column. It covers an area of 10x5 kilometers, 3000 meters below sea level. It produces both oil and gas.

Production started in 1971. The Ekofisk South development project (2013) contributes to continued production towards 2050.​

Ekofisk 2/4 L

Ekofisk 2/4 L is an accommodation and field center platform in the Ekofisk Complex.

The platform was installed during the summer of 2013 and is connected to the Ekofisk Complex by bridge. The platform started opeations late 2013 and was officially inaugurated 1 April 2014..
Ekofisk 2/4 L, with its 552 beds, all in single cabins, is the largest accommodation platform in the North Sea. In addition to the accommodation facilities, the platform also contains a number of field center functions and systems.

Ekofisk 2/4 L is the regional telecommunications hub, as well as the hub for coordination of all air and sea traffic in the area. There are office facilities, a cafeteria, recreational areas and a section for health personnel. The heli deck has two helicopter hangars with a capacity of 50 daily air movements. This is the most important helicopter landing area in the Greater Ekofisk Area.

Ekofisk 2/4 L replaces the existing Ekofisk 2/4 H and Ekofisk 2/4 Q accommodation platforms, as well as the chartered accommodation rig.

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