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Ekofisk was Norway's first producing field and is also one of the largest on the Norwegian continental shelf. The reservoir is Cretacious (chalk) with a 300 meter high oil column. It covers an area of 10x5 kilometers, 3000 meters below sea level. It produces both oil and gas.

Production started in 1971. The Ekofisk South development project (2013) contributes to continued production towards 2050.​

Ekofisk 2/4 VB

Ekofisk VBEkofisk 2/4 VB is a seabed unit with eight water injection wells – located three kilometers south of the Ekofisk Complex. The water injection takes place using a five-kilometer pipeline from the Eldfisk Complex to Ekofisk 2/4 VB. The unit is connection to the corresponding seabed unit Ekofisk 2/4 VA by hydraulic and fiber optic cables – and can be remotely operated from land.

The seabed unit was installed in 2012 and entered use in 2013.​

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