The Operations Center consists of several parts and serves as the hub for collaboration between onshore and offshore for the various technical and operational teams. Common to them is that they all contribute to the efficient and safe multidisciplinary collaboration across physical distance and other barriers.

To give a couple of examples of how Integrated Operations (IO) makes a difference: The model has contributed to better planning and increased operating efficiency. One benefit is a reduced need for production shutdowns offshore.
The onshore logistics center enables more optimal use of available resources. This had led to lower transportation costs and reduced C02 emissions.

However, the model is primarily about people – and how we work together across distances and professions – often in real time – in order to achieve shared objectives. Our goals are ambitious. Through collaboration, focus on continuous improvement and best practice, we achieve these goals. Joint planning and implementation also mean that many are given the chance to positively affect our performance and results.

As always, ConocoPhillips wants to remain the leader in terms of new forms of collaboration – in order to achieve shared objectives today and in the future. The operations model is, and will remain, our competitive edge.