ConocoPhillips Norway

Sponsorships and Community Relations


Through its activities in Norway, ConocoPhillips aims to be a significant contributor to the Norwegian society. These contributions are primarily the result of responsible, safe and good management of our oil and gas portfolio. We also contribute by supporting culture, sports and youth work, all of which are important building blocks in local communities.

We have a number of partnership agreements within sports, culture and local, regional and national organisations.

Arctic Frontiers

Arctic Frontiers in Tromsø has established itself as a very important meeting-place for discussions on geopolitical and scientific issues related to the Arctic. The substantial international interest, which has grown to number more than 1000 participants from around 30 countries, is proof of Arctic Frontiers’ breakthrough into high-level politics. Two days are set aside for political input and discussions, while the final three days are set aside for international and national research in the areas of environment, climate and indigenous populations. The conference takes place every year in late January.

ConocoPhillips was one of the initiators of Arctic Frontiers and has been an active partner and main sponsor since the beginning in 2007.

A substantial part of ConocoPhillips’ global production takes place in areas north of the Arctic Circle, and the company’s experience with Arctic operations goes back to 1965.

ConocoPhillips has a substantial portfolio of research projects linked to the Arctic. Arctic approach provides a brief summary of many of these projects.