ConocoPhillips Norway

Sponsorships and Community Relations


Through its activities in Norway, ConocoPhillips aims to be a significant contributor to the Norwegian society. These contributions are primarily the result of responsible, safe and good management of our oil and gas portfolio. We also contribute by supporting culture, sports and youth work, all of which are important building blocks in local communities.

We have a number of partnership agreements within sports, culture and local, regional and national organisations.

Other Types of Cooperation

Other agreements

We also have agreements to support local initiatives promoting physical activity for children and young people – in a preventive health perspective. One example is ‘Folkehallene’ (Sørmarka Arena, Randaberg Arena and Sandneshallen). We also support Stavanger Golf Club through a long-standing collaboration.

Sister Cities Houston/Galveston and Stavanger

Since the start in the early 1980s, around 1500 young people from 16 to 18 years old have taken part in an exchange programme between Houston/Galveston and Stavanger. Every other year, Texas Days are held in Stavanger – or Stavanger Days in Texas -with emphasis on cultural exchange and sports activities. An important part of the programme is that the young people stay in private homes, and gain insight into the daily lives of their counterparts. The City of Stavanger hosts the Norwegian part of the programme.

ConocoPhillips in Norway has been a main sponsor of the Sister Cities cooperation for many years.

Collaboration with Schools

ConocoPhillips has for a number of years been engaged in a partnership with Sandnes Upper Secondary School (Sandnes videregående skole). The objective is to provide science students with insight into working life and business, and to provide a better foundation for realistic occupational and educational choices. As part of this programme, the students visit ConocoPhillips where they learn how the company’s geo-personnel work, which tools they use, etc. The students can also meet new graduates and hear about the choices they have made in terms of education, as well as their experiences.

Student Exchange

Tananger Lower Secondary School (Tananger ungdomsskole) is located right in our neighbourhood– and Northfield School is located in the Teesside area in the UK, where crude oil from the Greater Ekofisk Area fields is landed. This is the background for the collaboration between the schools, an important part of which is that students and teachers visit each other’s schools and take part in the regular school day and leisure activities. The programme also serves as inspiration for teachers.

ConocoPhillips has supported this programme since it started in the late 1980s.