ConocoPhillips Norway

Sponsorships and Community Relations


Through its activities in Norway, ConocoPhillips aims to be a significant contributor to the Norwegian society. These contributions are primarily the result of responsible, safe and good management of our oil and gas portfolio. We also contribute by supporting culture, sports and youth work, all of which are important building blocks in local communities.

We have a number of partnership agreements within sports, culture and local, regional and national organisations.

The North Sea Race

The North Sea Race (Nordsjørittet) is Norway’s second largest bicycle race with 12,500 participants, and it has established itself as one of the most attractive national races. The spectacular course runs along gravel beach roads, past picturesque lakes, country roads, through natural terrain and forests, from Egersund to Sandnes. The course is 91 kilometers and features challenges both for those racing the clock, and those who are enjoying a lovely – but long – bike ride. The North Sea Race takes place in mid-June each year.

ConocoPhillips is a main sponsoring partner.

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