Ekofisk Industrial Heritage gets a 50th anniversary update

ConocoPhillips has started work to update the Ekofisk Industrial Heritage website, together with the Norwegian Petroleum Museum. The updated website will be launched in the fall of 2019.  

The Ekofisk cultural memory site was the first major industrial heritage project carried out by the Norwegian Petroleum Museum. The project was initiated as a result of the cessation plan for Ekofisk in 1999, where the Directorate for Cultural Heritage urged that the facility should be documented before disassembly and removal. The website provides in-depth documentation of the history of Norway's first oil field up to 1998 (kulturminne-ekofisk.no). 

This update of the documentation project means that the Norwegian Petroleum Museum, in cooperation with the National Library of Norway, will gather the last 20 years of history through a selection of documentation, including books and journals which contain mention of the field, as well as photos, films and interviews. 'This is being done in close collaboration with ConocoPhillips,' says Stig S. Kvendseth, Manager Communications and Government Affairs. 

The material the company shares with the Norwegian Petroleum Museum will be made available on a new website that will replace the old website.  

'Implementing the project will ensure responsible selection and preservation of valuable historical material that might otherwise be lost,' says historian and senior researcher Kristin Øye Gjerde. She is the Norwegian Petroleum Museum's project manager for the update. 

'We look forward to continued cooperation with the Norwegian Petroleum Museum to update Ekofisk Industrial Heritage all the way up to the present. This is an important part of the country's oil history, and the 50th anniversary of the Ekofisk discovery in 1969 provides a good opportunity for this update,' concludes Stig S. Kvendseth.  

Aerial view of the Ekofisk Complex