New technology improves our operations

New technology plays an important role in future solutions and for ConocoPhillips Scandinavia AS’ activities on the Norwegian shelf. Therefore, we have gathered and strengthened our work within innovation and technology development to reshape the way we work.

ConocoPhillips Scandinavia AS are currently working on several exciting and challenging opportunities. The Greater Ekofisk Area has large, remaining resources and the company also sees several other exciting development opportunities. Our ambitions are to increase production and efficiency, reduce our costs and operate in a sustainable way with lower greenhouse emissions.


Innovation is a prerequisite for achieving our goals. This is why we are continuously looking for improvements, and we work to build a strong, innovative culture in which everyone takes part. In our Idea Channels, employees can register their improvement inputs, for easier follow-up with analysis, assessment, and further testing. This way, these idea channels become an important source for improvement and restructuring.

In 2019, the Norway Wells department tested over 20 new technologies. In 2020, they more than doubled the number. These and many other solutions often start with ideas from creative and skilled professionals and are further developed through strong collaboration across functions and suppliers.

Examples of technologies

Examples of new technologies that have been tested are glass plugs that reduce the need for wireline in well stimulation operations. In addition, offline stimulation has also been tested, where the intervention vessel is connected directly to the x-mas tree at the seabed to avoid connecting to an intermediary vessel. A third technology development is the implementation of a robot that inspects the platform legs in the splash zone.

ConocoPhillips Scandinavia AS has defined a goal to reduce our emissions from the flare tower and has now decided to carry out a new project to send the gas to production instead of flaring it. Feel free to follow us on social media to stay updated on new technology and what is happening in the company.

Feel free to follow us on social media to stay updated on new technology and what is happening in the company.