Ongoing 2021 recruitment

ConocoPhillips has initiated recruitment of young, aspiring professionals with start-up during the summer of 2021.

This fall, the company is recruiting 13 new graduates to permanent positions. In addition, we are planning to offer apprenticeship to about 15 new apprentices during the spring of 2021.

ConocoPhillips is looking for a broad variety of disciplines, mostly within geoscience, wells and drilling, supply chain and different types of engineers. In addition, several graduates within IT and economy will be recruited.

The company has a systematic approach and program for transferring knowledge and experience. For several decades, we have recruited young people to summer internships, apprenticeships, and permanent positions to graduates who have completed university degrees.

‘We are pleased to continue the graduate and apprenticeship programs also in 2021Over several decades, we have had a step-by-step approach in welcoming new generations to the company, and we are continuing this approach’, Ingunn Hagelin, Manager of HR, Medical and Communications in ConocoPhillips Skandinavia AS, said.

Vacant positions will be posted on continuously, and we recommend interested applicants to monitor the website.

From left: Tore, Alena, Kristine and Einar are 2019 graduates representing disciplines ConocoPhillips need more of, such as operations, geoscience, wells, and finance.