Life Saving Rules

The company has ambitious business objectives, but realizes that these objectives cannot be achieved without safe operations.

More than ever, the company will promote a culture that focuses on safety in everything we do, by implementing the zero philosophy to eliminate unintentional incidents. The zero philosophy is intended to reduce the number of injuries and critical incidents to zero. Attitudes are a key element of our safety training to ensure that everyone takes responsibility for their own and co-workers’ safety.


Work with a valid work permit when required Obtain authorization before entering a confined space Protect yourself against a fall when working at height​​ ​Follow safe lifting
operations and do
not walk under a
suspended load  
​Verify isolation before work begins Obtain authorization before starting ground disturbance or excavation activities​ ​Obtain authorization before bypassing, disabling or inhibiting a safety protection device or equipment ​Wear your seat belt, obey speed limits and do not use any mobile device while driving  

Environment Issues

Safety and Occupational Health