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Ekofisk was Norway's first producing field and is also one of the largest on the Norwegian continental shelf. The reservoir is Cretacious (chalk) with a 300 meter high oil column. It covers an area of 10x5 kilometers, 3000 meters below sea level. It produces both oil and gas, and production started in 1971.

The Ekofisk Complex

The Ekofisk Complex comprises all installations which are connected with bridges on the central Ekofisk field. As of 2014, this includes nine platforms and bridge supports. The newest platforms are the wellhead platform 2/4 Z and the field center and accommodation platform 2/4 L which were installed in 2013.


Since the development started early in the 1970s, the Complex has been a field center and hub for the production from the Ekofisk field itself, and from the other fields in the Greater Ekofisk Area. In addition, production from other fields in the area has been - and is - transported via the Ekofisk Complex to the receiving terminals in Emden, Germany (gas) and Teesside, UK (oil).

The Ekofisk Complex has been developed in stages, and upgraded and modernized several times.

The latest redevelopment, Ekofisk South, startet operation in 2013. The Ekofisk South project consists of the 2/4 Z wellhead platform and the 2/4 VB seabed installation.

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