ConocoPhillips Norway

The Risavika Award 2013 to ConocoPhillips

Stavanger Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) (Næringsforeningen) has handed out the Risavika Award for the first time. ConocoPhillips received the award in recognition of the company’s contribution to the development of the area over many years.

This year’s Risavika Award was handed out during the Risavika Day, 24 October, which was organised by the CCCI’s resource group for Risavika. Ole Ueland, the mayor of Sola, presented the award (picture).

I consider this a recognition of the work we have been doing, and still do, to be a good neighbour and a good place to work in Tananger,’ said Steinar Våge during the presentation. He expressed his gratitude to employees for their contribution to ConocoPhillips being seen as a good neighbour in Tananger.

On the map

The criteria for the award stipulate that the candidate must have put Risavika/Tananger on the map, helped increase the number of homes, helped improve the local environment and built up a good reputation, leading to an improved quality of life and stable jobs.
The jury consisted of the chair of the resource group for Risavika, David Ottesen, Ingrid Nordbø who is the chief administrator of Sola municipality, and Harald Minge, managing director of the Stavanger Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Involvement in the community

The jury say there were many good candidates. As reasons why ConocoPhillips was chosen, they point out that the company through its presence over a number of years has demonstrated a commitment to the community which benefits local companies, residents and associations alike.
ConocoPhillips was one of the very first companies to build here, in fact as early as in 1973. The company bus, which has been running for many years now, was mentioned as an important asset for the environment. The company’s support for local sports teams and good dialogue with local residents were also given a favourable mention.

Enhanced reputation

ConocoPhillips has enhanced the reputation of Risavika/Tananger through a commitment that has gone beyond what one might have expected,’ the jury concludes.
The actual award consists of a diploma and work of art created by Anette Bryne.