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Ekofisk was Norway's first producing field and is also one of the largest on the Norwegian continental shelf. The reservoir is Cretacious (chalk) with a 300 meter high oil column. It covers an area of 10x5 kilometers, 3000 meters below sea level. It produces both oil and gas.

Production started in 1971. The Ekofisk South development project (2013) contributes to continued production towards 2050.​

Ekofisk 2/4 H

Ekofisk 2/4 H is an accommodation platform with 134 cabins. It is no longer in regular use.

 The platform is equipped with facilities to service its guests, including a kitchen and mess, a separate power generator, dedicated water production and everything required to cater for the crew.

In addition to the accommodation functions, there is a cinema, gym, leisure rooms, coffee room, chapel, hospital and health personnel department.

Ekofisk 2/4 H was installed in 1977 and started operating in 1978. The platform functioned as a field centre until 2013.

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